A toasty Friday

Gosh there is some wisdom to be learnt on public transport. If you sit with an iPod in your ear your sure to miss some vital words. This week I have over heard so many hilarious (and somewhat wise) discussions which have me smiling and laughing to myself. Call me strange or a snoop but its public transport which means its public space and if you wish to discuss your private woes then you need a lesson in etiquette not me!
Anyway summer has given Melbourne another taste. It’s a toasty 36 degrees today. This heat I particularly hate, it’s had me in a nervous sweat since I seen it pop up on my weather ap.This is the best I will look for the rest of the day as the wheels start to melt off me as soon as my hair meets the air! Oh well when you get to spend time with fantastic friends who love you for you then it doesn’t matter how the day spits me out.
I can already taste the cider on ice- yummy yummy! The only thing this weather is perfect for is drinking or being submerged in water. As I am apart of the employed I will have to take part in the first part as there is no pool for public servants!
Happy Friday- for those who follow me on Facebook I will be removing myself for a while. Never fear if you want to read on send me a private message and I will add you to my mailing list. Xx





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