The summer dance!

One thing I enjoy about my work is my work friends. I always seem to make the most meaningful connections that last throughout the years. Take for instance my first real job out of school: I’m still friends with one lady in particular. Times have changed, we have grown and evolved but there is a special friendship there.
I laugh so much at work these days it shouldn’t be allowed. Taking myself not too seriously has always been my number one request. I never want to get to the top of my field as I feel its so far away from my belief system and in all honesty they don’t laugh as much as my team.
Another philosophy I live by is celebrating successes. In this landscape it can be hard not to focus on all the bad that’s happening. That’s why the small achievements should be met with a little party. We at work know how to put on a decent cake spread, can I tell you I will always live in the plus size space while I keep my current work place. I’m ok with that though. I’m happy being me. I don’t care for the haters and don’t plan on falling to my knees and following the leader. I do my own thing and say it as it should be said.
Today my modcloth dress is being teamed with a princess highway denim blazer. I love a denim blazer it’s a genius invention. It’s casual meets smart and works a treat for the office. Get on it people!





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