Smart feet

My feet were very mistreated in my 20’s so I made a promise to myself to be kinder to them in my 30’s. After all they have carried me safely this far.
Don’t get me wrong I love a pair of heels. They make legs look amazing, they make you look taller (and somewhat feel thinner) and a great heel screams sexy which can boost your confidence from 0 to hero in an instance. However they can also have you limping, blistered, slightly crippled and can even ruin a great night out.
I’ve also learnt some lessons despite being a huge bargain hunter and cringing at spending too much on any one piece I am slowly learning that cheap and nasty won’t necessarily carry you safely to your journey. It’s almost like tempting fate wondering how long it will be until that strap breaks, how long it may take for the soles to be riddled with holes. I’m not always 100% down with good quality shoes but my feet tell me that story every day!
Today my wise 30 self is wearing amazing pillows on my feet. These shoes were 70% off and still reasonably expensive but can I tell you I’m in heaven! I feel like I rolled to the train station. They could look a little old lady but I’m sure in my heart of hearts I have styled them into my quirky outfit well (and they look youthful!)
Today’s tip- be kind to your feet. They may judge a slinky heel but won’t tell you your having a bad hair day and don’t really care about your fat days. They only care that they get you to your next destination safely!






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