Wondering through the forest!

Tuesday has popped on around fairly quickly. Week days drag and the week end is always on speed. Someone really needs to have a word to the week end, it really needs to switch its drug of choice- maybe Valium might have us a bit fresher and excited about the week.
I’m slowly getting my energy back. It’s a combination of being back on the train, incidental exercise and starting my evening walks back. I also blame my negative little voice in my head that tells me to get the heck off the couch and into my exercise gear!
Today I’m dressed in a Closet dress I got off Modcloth some time ago. It was in the period of time where I turned 30, bought a house and was planning a wedding. To you it’s new, to me this is a second time around garment.
I don’t feel I rattled on much about my wedding when it was all happening. It’s not that I am not happy to be married to my own Romeo but I just don’t enjoy being in the spot light that much. The pressure (the entire planning time) was something I didn’t enjoy. The day itself was great once the church, the speeches and first dance was over. Getting ready with my sister, cousin in law and best friend (other sister) was precious and fun. And there were moments I won’t forget about how it was to look my husband in the eye for the first time as his wife. But in all honesty I would have been just as happy with a giant picnic in my back yard with music, free following wine and all my friends. That to me is a celebration where everyone is relaxed and I can truly be comfortable. I was not born to be on stage, a public speaker or in the lime light. I wish brides to be all the best but hearing about wedding planning makes me cringe a little as everyone talks about how wonderful the experience is but doesn’t really touch on all the other grey stuff.
I will continue to cry at weddings, they will be happy tears that the couple made it down that aisle with all that pressure!





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