The train race- done!

My legs are screaming “it’s Monday ” as I scramble for the train today. Along the 10 minute power walk journey my legs were trying to tell me to relax and just catch the next one, but my head was saying just try and get there (I refuse to run for public transport). The short of it is that I made my usual train and am not sitting for 20 minutes contemplating my day. I’m turning up and giving it my all, as my legs rest for the next hour or so.
Anyway back to the Monday fashion day. It’s a bright Bea and Dot dress. One that alone reminds me of childhood and wonderful flower gardens. Work appropriate? I’ll let you be the judge of that. I have no meetings and I like to deliver that punch of colour on a Monday morning. I’m sure it makes my work mates happy!
I spent my week end either around little people or talking about the next generation of little people. The next chapter of friends and how we spend our time is in a stage of change. It’s exciting, but also scary. I’m very lucky when its my turn I have some fabulous roll models to seek advice from ( you know who you are). My blog may, when its time have a feature from my dear friend who I am strongly encouraging to write Parenting 101, the good honest truth. Until then I’m on my train and off to the 9-5!
Happy Monday xox





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