Hell yes it’s Friday!

Move over Modcloth there is a new (and much cheaper) way for me to dress in vintage inspired clothing. eBay where have you been for the past 4 years? I love online as it takes the hassle out of shopping but never fully knew what I was getting when I first started buying from eBay. Sure in my early days I got my fair share of $2 shoes (that probably weren’t worth a great deal more) but I’m loving the eBay “shops” or online “stores”.
This dress is one of my treasures I would have paid at least $80-$120 for on Modcloth (plus postage). But I found a great store called Blossom Costume and accessories- something along those lines that sell a couple of my favourite (and soon to be favourite) brands. You will pick up dresses such as this for $60 and that can include express shipping. Yep now I can order Wednesday and have a frock for the week end! Loving it!
Can I get a fist pump for Friday? Yay I made it through my 3 day week. I would be a happier lady if my week was really always 3 days, but that would give me no reason to get on here and blog about my outfits, curves or give you a piece of my mind. Happy days, not even my late train can break my stride.
I was thinking how less stressful it is to sit in traffic every morning. I am so glad, even if it does take me an hour and a half , that I can jump on a train and not stress about sitting in traffic and day dreaming off. I can day dream all I like from now until whenever I arrive at work.
Happy Friday! Be kind to yourself and give Friday a little fist pump coz you made it through another week!




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