Swinging along

Having started the day with a minor beauty incident I am paying a special tribute to fake nail wearers out there. I nearly ripped mine off trying to find my shoes in a hidden draw under my bed- ouch! It’s time for them to go. Party and wedding is over so back to ah-la natural. At least I can change the colours each week as I used to. I found painting my nails like me time while I waited for them to dry.
Anyhow once I got over my nail incident I had to concentrate on what to wear. As I am doing a dress a work day challenge I’m really having to decide whether I want the dress to be worn in summer or layered for winter. This dress I’ve done both but thought as I have my own fashion rule for work (we can talk about this at another time) that the capped sleeves were office appropriate.
The dress and shoes are both from Modcloth.
This week I have had a number of my outfits uploaded onto the style gallery on Modcloth and I’m excited to be getting quite a few “likes” for my outfits. It’s so funny how the “like” button has come part of human acceptance in this day and age. I hate to think how people will feel accepted in years to come…





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