50 shades of green!

Today I’m feeling “green” in my modcloth get up. I dunno the rules on how many shades of one colour a person should wear but I’m giving at least 3 of them a go today. If the fashion police fine me, well so be it. Before red was my favourite colour green was. It may be because green is good for my skin tone or because it is a colour for growth.
I not feeling over productive today so I will need to pump some motivation into myself with my morning coffee. This may be because I’ve fasted for a morning blood test. Maybe I am just hungry! I am lost without my breakfast. It’s my favourite meal of the day.
Anyway can’t even think of something thoughtful to write about without good food to start the day.
I hope your day is fabulous and if your head is fuzzy- have a snack or coffee or both!





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