Mondayitis in Mertylewood

Another fabulous week end full of friends, family and my loving husband. I am one lucky girl. There is nothing that money could buy that could replace the wonderful friendships and relationships I have in my life.
Helping a high school friend with her 30th birthday planning and styling her for the occasion would definitely be a high light. My friendship and the growth we have done together is amazing. Great friends really are like stars- you may not always see them but you know they are there. Our conversations and motivations have changed so much. We used to plan fantastic week ends of party party and now we are both married we talk about healthy foods, how we want to start a family and our careers. Years ago we would have happily worked a week end shift to earn heaps of money to head out on the town but now we are happy to be home on week ends. Friends and friendships should evolve. People who say they just grow apart may be onto something but like a healthy marriage some friendships take time, patience and a little understanding. Precious friends will stick around. Time fillers will happen from time to time.
Today I’m in a Mertylewood dress. Another one of my favourite designers on modcloth. This dress is the perfect bit of old world. For some reason both times I have worn this dress I’ve teamed it with purple legs and shoes. Must be a purple leg kind of dress. Happy Monday everyone.





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