First impressions

When I was away on my honeymoon I was interviewed for my current job and presto I got it. Like most things in my life if I am passionate and driven I give it my all and am good at it. This is means security and more money which I guess is what a person needs in this world. However I have a new manager and today I meet her for the first day. For me first impressions are usually spot on. I’m in the mind set of this is my job and I don’t need to make anymore work friends as I’m blessed with some pretty awesome ones already.
But as you can see I’ve attempted (for me) to blend in with the usual darkish colours of the office.
This Modcloth dress was half price in November so I snapped it up. However it is not a casual dress by any means. It’s also in my favourite colour! When I’m in a colour I love I seem to be comfortable and more positive. We shall see how I go.
This week as my outdoor fitness group is off I am taking time to have an evening walk, it’s definitely helping me sleep easier. This is what I’m doing for me this week. What will you do?






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