Back to the 9-5!

Holidays over for another year! Such a sad day when that alarm wakes you from a deep slumber. Prepared with my whole foods and healthy eating I head off to work. I work for my lifestyle is what I tell myself, I work to pay the mortgage and the bills.
This modcloth dress was too serious for the holidays but is totally appropriate for the office. For those that have followed me I don’t really have a corporate uniform, or intend on ever wearing one. Fashion is how I express myself and my work is very good. If my fashion got in the way of work then I would hire a stylist- period!
Yesterday I took some time to go through some of my wardrobe and throw away clothes that never really served me well. They are the clothes I wouldn’t comfortably wear and just don’t hug my curves the way they should. Sure I could save them for when I lose 20kgs, but lets face it that may or may not ever happen and I have enough pressure on me.
Happy Monday you beauties x





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