Trivia Modcloth dress & childhood memories

As I got ready this morning this dress evoked some good childhood memories. This Modcloth dress reminds me of the board game trivial pursuit and the nights at San Remo playing it with my parents and their friends. I never have been good at “general knowledge” as I really only store memories on things that have an interest to me. I have never jumped at the opportunity to go to the local pub for trivia nights as I would be the weakest link! Even with all my travels I never remember the name of towns I go to unless something fantastic or memory keeping worthy happened there.
It’s like my shopping addiction. I will take a photo in my head of places that have items of interest and will keep them in the memory bank. As I am on a total clothing ban for the next 3 months I will take plenty of memory photos. I do need to find a new past time but for now I will just troll the web for perfect vintage inspired dresses or re-invent the dresses I have into fabulous new outfits.
I am coming to the end of my month off work and enjoying some rest and relaxation in Launceston, Tasmania. I’ve been enjoying the company of my Mum and Nannie. I love our long discussions of how people came to be and digging up old memories. It’s a good life I live and I have so much love for everyone in it.
I hope 2015 is giving you glimpses of what amazing things are possible. Now its time for my favourite past time- brunch with my hubby xo






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