Happy New Year- resolutions no way!

Being in Tasmania and bringing in the new year with 2 of the strongest and beautiful women in my life and my husband was exactly how I wanted to end 2014. It was such an amazing year and fabulous end. I couldn’t be happier and could not ask for anything more. So there is no resolutions as I had none last year and it gave me a wonderful year.
I will however spend less time stressing as I am no longer planning and wedding. I will enjoy other people’s parties more and relax in people’s presence and work on being the me I want to be.
This outfit is a true reflection on me being happy to be me. No one in my family likes cats and I love my little Andy ginger cat so I am officially a crazy cat lady. Modcloth really do have the cutest range of cat inspired clothes. I’m not one to wear cat ears or draw whiskers on my face but I think if dressing in cat wear was classy I have hit the nail on the head!






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