Poolside style

This time of year in Bali is the wet season. Lucky for us most says have been pretty good and we have only had a spot or 2 of rain. Today we had breakfast and our morning swim was rained on. All good as we were looking all resort for a moment in time.
This ASOS playsuit was a bit of a chance buy of course on sale. I’m not so sure of myself in such a suit. I don’t feel playsuits hide the lumps I’m not so happy with. But it’s really bright, colourful and comfortable. One thing I’ve noticed with the Balinese is clothes aren’t worn to make a style statement. Clothes are something we must put on to work or get about. They are something that needs to be practical and not always pretty. Now I don’t necessarily take fashion inspiration but I’m a little less wrapped up in having to look perfect.
Like this playsuit it is on for a purpose to take me to the pool. It’s also good cover for when my lily white skin has had enough sunlight. Unlike most Aussies in Bali I have not come here for a tan, I’ve come here to relax. Something I would have achieved should I have not received a call for a job interview next week! Oh well my relaxation bubble had to pop at some stage.





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