Another t-shirt dress day!

Well darlings I cannot do a hang over like I did a hang over in my twenties! I had way too many drinks in the pool bar and ended up in bed for most of yesterday. 30 year old hang overs cannot be a regular occurrence, that’s for sure.
Today I’ve vowed to be more productive so we are off for a day trip to who knows where. Maybe to look at some rice terraces for the 3rd time or Ubud for some lunch. And I’m doing it all in my fabulous ASOS t shirt dress. Bought on sale for under $50. It’s easy to wear and travels so well. It will also protect my lily white skin, which after a burning is back to white!
You may notice I’ve taken to up hair styles, this is due to me being a hot body. I always run hot and being in Bali is no exception. So rather than sweaty hair I opt for up do’s to try and keep reasonably cool. This way I’m ready for the cool face washer when some kind Balinese person throws one my way!






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