ASOS you really are a winner!

Well my pre-holiday shops on ASOS have paid off. Only yesterday did I go anywhere close to an iron (and that was not an ASOS garment). I think when packing my bags I start off with good intention, everything neat and folded. Now its like a mini explosion. But rest assure I have many more iron free items to chose from.
This outfit is all out of tshirt material (midi skirt included). It’s light weight for the Bali heat and stretchy so while we indulge in some naughties my clothes will grow. My lovely hubby loves the American style food that Bali can dish out as well as the traditional Balinese cuisines. I love my food don’t get me wrong and while I would like to be fasting for a slimmer me I am having what I call a south east Asia detox. I am what I am!
I’m a pretty good holiday packer, I think. I laid everything out and felt I had a lot of combos. This is hard when I’m a dress girl as 1 dress is 1 outfit. I also didn’t over pack as my honeymoon is finishing up in Singapore and I love nothing more than filling my suitcase with international brands I shop for online.
Tonight we are celebrating our first week of marriage with a dinner at Gado Gado, special thanks to my friend for spoiling us with this gift. I have just the perfect new New Look outfit to wear!
I thought I would also share my view from my rainy day balcony. Even paradise is beautiful when it rains!






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