Thanks New Look!

Not that you can tell, unless your looking at me in day light but I’m burnt to a crisp. I do not condone this behaviour and I do not attempt “tanning” but my lily white skin was no competition to the hot Bali sun today. I applied at least 4 layers of sunscreen and am still red and sore. Never mind it was a perfect day at the beach and pool side with my hubby. I wouldn’t change where I am right now for anything!
Tonight we are all dressed up for “date night”. We are off to a restaurant called Bamboo Bali. We heard a good review and thought why not! It’s our last night in Nusa Dua before we head into busy Seminyak.
Yesterday I did head to the shops and was thrilled to discover a New Look store- this is one of my ASOS brands I always go to! So this little dress is one of the $150 budget my hubby gave me. Goes smoking with my new Mac lippie! Girls do yourself and your lips a favour and get one (or 2) new lippies from the summer range. They are bright and beautiful and duty free even better!
My hair in Bali is fly away so while its half down now I am prepared with my hair tie to pop it in a ponytail or bun.
Happy Friday people. Enjoy your date nights or quite nights in. Be kind to yourself and spend time with people who make you the best you, you can be x






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