Despite the rain- we are happy

So on my wedding day it was raining and pretty much drizzling all day, but we were so happy in love we barely noticed it. By the end of the night the only one not so happy about the rain and mist was my fuzzy hair. However our focus was not on what was no quite what we asked for but the fact we were surrounded by friends and family who love us. Nothing can ruin these things! They also say rain is a lucky sign.
Last night I wore the strapless white body suit with a midi skirt I picked up for under $20 in an ASOS sale. This was outside of my comfort zone but my husband loved it. I am much more comfortable with covering my not so favourite parts. Maybe those parts are not as ugly as I had first thought.
Today I’m wearing another ASOS midi tshirt dress- another iron less beauty!
I was happy to read an article that said full piece bathing suits are back in fashion, for me they never went out of fashion. Despite me having a lot of admiration for full figure girls who wear bikinis I would much rather cover up I’m a beautiful floral or striped number.
Still loving my time in Bali and still very in love with my new husband. Some choices are not so hard!








3 thoughts on “Despite the rain- we are happy

  1. I agree one piece bathers never went out for me either. Your blog is an interesting read. Was great to meet you in Bali.

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