Glowing in the red light!

I feel like the colour red really does make me glow! I think wearing your favourite colour always makes you feel that little bit better about yourself and your day. When your happy, happiness seems to flow accordingly.
I’m not going to lie I feel a sense of panic about the wedding, but only because tiny bits of the family puzzle don’t come together. Making 2 families happy is one thing, introducing a whole new culture and way of life has its challenges. I think as a couple me and my partner really balance each other out, we have a great partnership and really support each other and that’s what makes us happy together. We live different from our parents may have in the past but we make it work.
Anyway I’m dressing up and putting my happy face on. This dress never seizes to get compliments. It’s a modcloth bargain I got over a year ago. Teamed up with a cardi and a leopard print belt and I’m right to go. I don’t believe in fashion rules so will wear my flowers with leopard print if I want to.
Happy hump day!




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