Feeling that down hill run!

Well I can feel the week end rolling on! Thursday has arrived nice and swiftly and can I say I’m feeling much better inside and out. Last week I was riddled with worry and a terrible cold. Being a huge worry wart it has a physical effect on me. I wasn’t sleeping and felt sick all the time. But this week I have just let it go. A lot of the time many things are out of our control and that’s totally fine. I focused on what I can control- getting to work via public transport, blogging, eating well and attending my boot camp class no matter how late I am! It all equals to a happier, calmer me!
Today my outfit is another cheap treat from ASOS sale section. It doesn’t have to cost much to have the latest things. I’ve teamed the new skirt and top with a necklace my dear friend bought me from an op shop in the country. It cost no more than $4 and is perfect for this outfit. I also am sporting some new flat sandals again from ASOS. I am neglecting my heels for comfortable walks, although yesterday’s shoes hurt!





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