Wear spring and it will come!

Now I can truly say this is a savvy shoppers dream outfit. All of course from ASOS sale section, for reference the top is a River island peplum style (worn tucked in) and it cost $15 and my skirt is a scuba material and was only $25- yep I am a bargain hunter!
When I was constructing this outfit I kept hearing my Stylist teacher saying every outfit should have a balance of structure and flow. I figured having the peplum top out would cause too much flow and may even make me look like I was expecting. No babies for at least the next 3 weeks.
Today I am feeling very spring- but the weather is not on my side. I figure if I wear it, spring will listen and get onto making lovely weather.
I’m feeling better every day about my catching the train to work. Traffic and driving is a stressor for me. Trains and daydreaming is what this women needs to feel at ease. It also gives me ideas for my wardrobe and outfit planning!






2 thoughts on “Wear spring and it will come!

    • Fashion and style should not cost the earth. I always think we don’t wear price tags on the outside so if it looks good then who cares the price!
      I shall follow your blog! I love a new stylish lady to follow.

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