Working towards a little less stress

Well in good Melbourne fashion the weather has taken a dive. It’s a grey drizzly day and really there is nothing good about today as its Monday and I’m slaving back to work. However throwing in my car keys for a week will have me one step closer to a stress free me, well I can only hope!
Now this is a newish Modcloth purchase. When I say newish I say it loosely as from the time I purchased it modcloth take at least 3-4 weeks to get it to me, so when it finally arrives its not so new to me! It however is another beauty from Bea & Dot- my favourite modcloth designer. This women knows a girl with curves and does her justice.
Can I tell you I’m grateful for my new mirror but I don’t feel it’s a skinny mirror like my previous house mirror. All good it is going to remind me to go to my outdoor boot camp and maybe walk a little more on these legs!
This week I’m going to show you where my pieces come from. Well at least the dress or skirt I wear (I do have pants but save them for the privacy of my own home- no one needs to see my thighs in public.)
Anyway happy Monday. Like me do something kind for yourself (or the environment), such as catch a train instead of getting wound up in traffic!






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