Just another lazy Sunday

Well I never usually post on a Sunday but I really have no regularity in my posts since I moved house. I am definitely feeling a little lost from my regular routine so this week I’m taking a little piece of the old me back and hopping back on that train so I can find time to day dream and write.
I also have a fabulous new mirror, thanks to my in laws. Their trash has certainly become our treasure in our home. Only problem is it may not be in an ideal location. But I am willing to work around it while I get my rhythm back.
I get married in 3 weeks from today. I am nervously awaiting the day. I was not a born bride. I honestly apart from the picking of the most beautiful dress of my collection (that includes my wedding dress, leaving dress and hens day dress) I’ve become something I never thought I would be- bridezilla. I don’t know if its the independent me inside fighting against the new partnered me or the fact I have never really enjoyed being centre of attention. I would much rather celebrate beside someone then be it. The moment I walk down the aisle is the moment my heart and emotions will be racing as I wish I had to be the one waiting at the alter. Maybe in years to come things will change but in 3 weeks I will be nervous and probably as sick as I feel right now. It will be a wonderful moment where I tell my friends and family just how much I love my gorgeous fiancé and officially start our journey as man and wife.
Anyway I’m back for the week. This will mean early mornings and flat shoes so I’m sure my toes and feet will be rejoicing with gladness.
This outfit is a true reflection of how I dress on week ends. I love this midi dress from ASOS, its a jersey material so if I indulge it grows with me!





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