It’s all about my shoes!

So with the different seasons between America and Australia my fashion gets a bit lost in the wrong season. Today my colourscape is very autumn. But as usual I am a rule breaker when it comes to conforming to fashion rules (or colour rules).
Today I have an extra bounce in my step as I have new amazing shoes on! I am having a slight shoe obsession today. Having bought these delightful shoes on Modcloth for a fraction of the original price I am one happy customer. And me being totally obsessive thinks why not stock up, rather than just being happy with the one pair of amazing shoes.
My dress is also Modcloth and my marvellous partner thinks I look very school girl. Preppy I would take or even a little retro.
Over the week end I spent time with my beautiful souled friends. These are the friends who I carefully chose to spend time with as my spirit was slightly broken by my week. They are the friends who are very much on my page. They don’t see my discussions as complaining and they understand the work and the reasons I feel how I do about certain things. I love my partner but his work is worlds away from what I do so I need the company of people who understand my sensitive work. I also spent time with people who boost my spirit. So like the perfect cocktail I am feeling fresh for the week and ready to give it a real go!





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