Orange obsession

Well today I am having an orange moment. It’s one of my favourite summer/spring colours. It goes well with my pale to pink skin, probably one of the only colours people won’t tell me I look sunburnt! I don’t know if I’m alone when it comes to people pointing out sunburn to. I lather myself in sunscreen and am very sun smart but unfortunately the Australian sun is harsh and tends to find me (even if I am under a big tree!) But I also suffer from pink skin when I’m hot, this isn’t necessary sunburn but people always point it out! I feel like pointing out their flaws eg “do you know you have a huge pimple on your chin?” It’s not nice so people keep your sunburn comments to yourself- thank you!
Today is Friday and it greeted me with a huge fat head ache! I’ve had my water and vitamins and I’m hoping a bit of fresh air on the way to work will do me a world of difference. I can’t be sick on date night! I look forward to sharing a meal out at our favourite Greek restaurant, Plaka!
Today’s clothing obsession is again from ASOS (as is my entire outfit today). It’s been on my wish list for sometime and is now on sale! Temptation is probably going to win today, just saying☺





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