I’m back like I never left…

Hello Blog world- I am back! I am minus a mirror so I am not quite the same as I once was. But like most amazing adventures and journeys I am working on getting back to what I know and love. Today I woke up and have been waking up recently actually feeling that something wasn’t quite right and that maybe I wasn’t on the path I needed to. You see I have to use my creative brain and for months I have only been using my work and organising part of my brain. I did have a wonderful moment when I styled a friend and felt the spark flicker slightly. I was focusing on what I don’t have and forgetting the other part of me that makes me creative, my writing.

So since I was here I have moved house & turned 30. Two events that have been full of laughter and friends. I feel much more settled and know what I need to be doing to make this next decade of life amazing! This is the decade of being happy in my skin, loving who is in my life, not making excuses to always having to be somewhere, being happy just to be and enjoying a cuppa in the silence of my new location.

I am getting married in under 6 weeks also. Planning a wedding isn’t easy. Its also not easy to have very single person who you want to be happy, to be happy. People all see life and right differently through their eyes. Parts of what you think someone says and what they actually mean can be quite different. I am hoping for a reasonably perfect day. Because really my focus is not on a particular day but all the days that follow as Anthony and I as a married couple. The wedding is really a coming together of 2 families. And depending on how well that goes, really will show us where we need to focus some of our efforts as a couple on or at.

Since I wrote last my budgeting on clothes has slightly decreased. I am not allowing myself to buy anything that’s not on sale or under $50. How well am I doing at this. Well my buying is emotionally driven. If I feel good I reward myself with clothes, if I feel bad a purchase makes me feel better (bad habit I know-I am slowly working on my faults). I am doing ok. My main shopping has been in 3 stores/online retailers  Modcloth( I love vintage inspired pieces), ASOS (great quality and fab sales) and an Australian chain Dangerfield ( I love Princess Highway & their vintage inspired pieces). I have an hour glass figure and these retailers don’t let me down with sizing and styles that I believe flatter. I am currently collecting goods for my honeymoon to Bali.

So fashion wise my biggest dilemma is what to wear to my hen’s day! I originally thought I would wear a beautiful white dress I got months ago. But the below dress just appeared on ASOS-in my favourite colour RED!



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