Spots for the move!

I know I’m not so great at sticking to a challenge (even my own). What can I say I’m really good at starting something and am really motivated at the start and then it patters off into a distant memory.
Well as I am moving next week I cannot just put my wardrobe challenge aside as it will make it impossible to pack if I don’t at least have a theme for the next 2 weeks. My theme is spots! In true over the top style I am literally head to toe in spots. I love spots so not only will I love what I am wearing but I will truly have no choice but to be blissfully happy. Everyone should have a go to pattern that just makes them happy. I feel child like!
Thank goodness for Modcloth as dressing in spots is so much easier with such choice in my purchases. And for those of you who made a rule in your head that patterns can’t go together watch me smash that rule out of your head! (Or not and if not I don’t want to hear about it because I am blissfully happy!)







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