My nose knows!

A number of my childhood memories are triggered off by a scent. As I walked last night I smelt a roast lamb cooking. That smell always reminds me of dear old Mrs Feg who lived next to our family in our childhood home. She was a sweet old lady and had many cats. Her house had a distinct smell of cat/roast and smoke. Sounds like a terrible smell and it wasn’t the most pleasant smell to be honest but I can remember it well. Mrs Feg was always in her garden or in the kitchen. Perfect house wife of her time no doubt.
Talking smells my new modcloth shoes I am wearing today are not only the coolest shoes I own but smell like a brand new barbie doll! I feel happy and child like wearing them. My outfit is mostly red again, I guess I’m in need of some real energy and confidence this week. I am enjoying my half organised wardrobe. As I start paying off my mortgage in 2 weeks I am no longer going to be able to afford new clothes as often as I have in the past. I should be changing my focus to new combinations in an old wardrobe!





One thought on “My nose knows!

  1. I love the shoes and tights. Yes its funny what smells remind you of. Hope I leave a lovely smell for you to remember me by. lots of love mumxxx

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