One of my bargains!

This is a post for yesterday I never did find time to do. A few things changed last week- I stopped catching the train, hence the lack in blog posts. I won’t let them fall by the wayside! I just need to put a few moments aside each evening to reflect on my day and maybe share with you a life lesson.
This dress may as well have been a second hand delight with its price tag! It was a gem I bought from the giant garage sale last week end. In very unlike me fashion I have actually worn it twice in the one week. I loved the colour and the style is perfect for winter. It’s actually not overly thick but fine with a winters coat over the top.
Yesterday the clock seemed to tick much slower than ever. I had nothing exciting planned just some rest and recovery but I wanted so bad to be snuggled up on the couch. I learnt no matter how much you want time to move it really only moves at the same pace as its meant to. No wishing for it to be over is going to so any good. Sometimes all you have to do is sit with it and make the most of it. It’s also interesting how time spent doing something you love seems to race by. It’s just the way the world works I guess. Challenges do seem like battles until they are won and your off celebrating.
I hope to start sorting through my house this week end and work out what I’m taking to my next chapter and what I’m leaving behind.





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