Modest day 1

What better way to start the month of my birth with a style challenge! Thanks to a fashionista I follow on Instagram I am going to do a modest month of style. I love dressing modestly anyway so this will come reasonably easy. However the modest fashionista is in a warmer climate so I will need to alter it with my winter treasures.
Today’s challenge is something with stripes! This modcloth dress is way too big but before I get it taken in I wanted to wear it and wash it (just in case it shrinks). I can’t even tell its too big with my new revival jumper over top and the skinny belt I have on to pull it all together.
Today I am a bit flat. I’ve not been feeling great and having some not so helpful health issues. But I am happy being at work as I work with some amazing people. It also makes me appreciate the week end having complete a full week of work.
Here is to the down hill run to the week end.





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