It’s national day of my sister!

And so another year has come and gone for my little sister. Like most of it, it’s had some highs, lows and in betweens but its made her stronger and has led her one step closer to happiness. It’s her birthday and I can’t wait to see her to give her a big hug!
Today my postie delivered one of my last few Modcloth purchases for a while. This wine colour winter dress is so warm! I’m not even wearing a winter coat for this exact reason!
Having learnt a little about history of fashion last night I’m really not anything like Chanel the designer despite that being my real name (for those who don’t know me personally Rosie is my nickname). I’m more on Dior’s page with beautiful colourful fabric with full skirts past the knee and even to the ground. However I did a very Chanel thing and took an item off before I walked out the door. What item did I remove? My scarf, whilst in this light it matched, in daylight not such a great match but the perfect accessory for my red hand bag-winning all round today.
I’m going to research history of fashion and each day for a week I’m going to bore you with a fact!
Today’s fact: high heels were originally made for men to exert power and wealth,the higher the heel the more important you were. They were also worn by butchers to keep their feet out of the animal gunk.






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