I need to talk about this blazer!

So I think this outfit is a bit of a winner. This dress is newly mended so back on rotation (yes I do rotate most items, it just takes time).
I am so excited about this blazer as not only does it look smart like a blazer it’s made of a knit similar to a warm snugly cardigan! I rarely wear cardigans as I feel they round my shoulders and that’s not a look I aim for. They also can tend to look a bit grandma on me and age me. I know I’m not ancient in age but 30 is around the corner and I want to hold on and look in my 20’s for a little while longer.
Anyway it’s raining and pouring but it can’t break my well rested stride. I had a night at Mum’s which equals a good country feed and sleep. I can’t wait to move house as my aim moving to a leafy location is that it will feel like a country sleep every night. We will see how I feel once I get there hey!





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