Being a cause!

My course is really changing how I view the world and how I present myself. This week I am just getting it done, I’m turning up and being there.
I am terribly clumsy- just ask anyone that knows me. Last night as I was trying to sexy myself up to walk in the door I dropped 3 items out of my bag and managed to slip over a pile of wet leaves down an embankment on my hand and knees. I laughed, got up and wiped myself off and kept walking. Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up and laugh. If I took that incident as anything worse it could have lingered in the air and ruined my fabulous night.
Today I’m taking a a somewhat innocent Modcloth dress and making a bit flirty with bright lips, my new boxer boots and a good attitude.
Tomorrow I will not have to be a cause and I will find myself staring down a wine glass so I will be at ease with the world with 6 of my amazing girlfriends. Sometimes all a girl needs is time away with other girls to make the world a better place!






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