A week of wears.

So I’ve been ridiculously busy with work and so exhausted I haven’t even been able to post my looks for the last week. It’s Friday and its my first post.
What I have learnt this week is I’m not interested in working away as a job. I find no satisfaction living out of a suitcase or being in a motel by myself. Whilst eating alone didn’t bother me here nor there I would like meal times to be a time to come together with loved ones. Even in the silence at my own dinner table I hear the clink of cutlery and can almost hear people thinking.
This week end I embark on doing something for me. I started a Stylist course and couldn’t be more excited. The inner dork in me has read the entire manual- some parts twice. I am looking for friends to play with in terms of the new skills I will learn.
I also bought a house this week. So as I skip towards 30 I can tick that off as an achievement. My wardrobe may never agree but this is growing up. I will be rewearing my entire wardrobe for a long time.






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