Gifts of fashion!

My favourite presents to receive really are presents of experiences or fashion. All the in between I don’t really care for. I find myself every year trying to think of something better but in my mind there is nothing that matches it or makes me as happy. This outfit is a true reflection of some of my favourite gifts from last birthday. Firstly my Mum bought this dress for me with a very practical non stick saucepan (I love to cook so this was a request I thought really hard about). These flash boots are a present from one of my closest friends Jenni- we had a fun day of shopping up a storm together and there is the experience and fashion all in one (perfect!)
So as my 30th birthday approaches I find myself searching for ideas of gifts when all I really want is something off my modcloth wish list or ASOS list or better still a shopping and dining experience with a friend. I do also love a lipstick or cosmetic gift. I know I’m materialistic but as I sit on the edge of buying my own home that time I have always dreamed of (not being able to spend money on clothes because something else is needing to be paid for), I am looking at hitting the stop button on clothing. Now fashion will be my number one wish on a present scale. I could be ok for dresses and shoes for years in the eyes of my friends and family but it makes me happy being able to always wear something that makes me feel good, because if I feel good I am confident and content.
I do have an idea about being less materialistic every time I go to south east Asia but I always come back to my western comforts and here I am ordering new dresses, shoes and coats. Oh well I do get up everyday and go to work and am very good at rewarding myself for good behaviour.






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