Loves to layer!

It was a very lovely Mother’s Day week end. Not am I blessed with one very strong and independent Mother I have a very strong willed mother in law. Being able to celebrate with both makes me very happy. My family really is who I am and who I will be in the future. Once I’m married my immediate family goes from a very small tight knit few to a huge union of 2 families. I will never be alone.
I have chosen a couple of photos of me, my Mum and sister. The strongest and most beautiful women in my life. We all have very strong personalities and are all so unique in how we chose to express who we are. But we laugh until we cry and are such a power house together. And of course the man of all our lives (at the moment) my gorgeous man.
Surrounding my week end with such precious moments has me ok about going to work.
Tonight I am going to my first football game this season so while I no longer have footy attire I can at least wear my teams colours.
Being happy really is about making sure you spend time with people who lift you up. Bad things happen but its the people who are around you who help you smile again. I feel very lucky today.








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