A little bit of faith

When I think I’m not making a difference or working for the greater good I think about faith. Just because you can’t see something or physically pick it up and play with it doesn’t mean it’s not felt or even in vain. I believe somehow and somewhere there is something worth believing in and having faith gets me up and out of bed.
Today I trot off to work in one of my Mum’s favourite colours burgundy and it may just be my tights but if you look closely it matches with my stitching on my dress. My need to match comes from my Mum. She always looks lovely and has always done so. She taught us the thrill of getting a bargain and being patient until something come on sale. This dress was on sale and this is why I bought it but like some Internet purchases may not have exceeded my expectations as its quite snug even after taking advice and sizing up (2 sizes!) oh well you win some you lose some!







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