Preppie & polished

Feeling a bit preppie today as I scoot off to work. In the hope that preppie leads me to a day of achievements I’m happy to put my name on. Work has been challenging my ethics and own values. While I am happy to leave some of my own values at home on a daily basis as I know what I do and think is not script or to someone else even resembling what they believe I cannot leave my ethical judgements at home. When your trying to work for the greater good and someone high above you directs you to do something it’s really challenging and the kind of things I’m being directed to do should, if I was younger and with less financial responsibility- I would walk away. I’ve done it before but with a wedding looming and purchasing of a house above my head it is not the time for me to turn my back. I would slam the door shut on this chapter as I’m no longer all that proud of what I do for a living.
Anyway hopefully things will change or improve as I work with some inspirational people who actually care about people. All I have to do is hang in for 2 years and I will be able to leave easily as my job will go to a federal government. I am all about community which is far far away from where I stand today.
Sometimes in life we are stuck in the same room as the devil but we must sit and learn a lesson. It will either consume us or make us stronger and learn skills of life. I’m hoping for new skills.
That’s why I have to study something I am passionate about, and maybe I’m not so sure how to make a passion in an artistic field into $$ I can tune the weight of the world out.
Today I’m in modcloth with a princess highway cardigan. My new favourite designer is Bea and Dot. Check her out her vintage/retro dresses are made with such quality!






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