Early mornings-not my thing!

Well the birds weren’t even stirring when I got up this morning. Hence the darkness in the back of my photos. One thing I am not is a super early morning person. I do admit my body clock has me awake by 6.30-7am anyway but anything before is a crime to my day! When I was doing early morning boot camp I was lying to myself about liking the early morning start- I don’t like being up before the sun!
Anyway nothing seem to be working for me this morning. My hair is as dry as the Australian dessert, my dress although I love the colour and style is probably a size bigger than I would have liked (more room for Friday naughties I guess!) and I’m feeling very Australian Olympics team uniform. Oh well this is the best I could do before sun rise!
This modcloth dress really is amazing though its got a fleeced lining so I’m floating around on a cold day without a coat as I am snug as a bug. I however may not be so jumping for joy when I start my Friday night drinks sweat! Ah well it could be a zillion times worse.
Happy Friday! And to those of you up before the sun I do take pity in your situation!






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