Something much the same…but my shoes!

So as I have said before and I will say it again an outfit can live a million lives put together in a different fashion. Today my beautiful spotty modcloth dress gets another show. Today I wore it with my old faithful sportsgirl blazer. One thing about sportsgirl blazers are they are made to last and tailored really well for the price. Then I threw on my granny shoes and off I trotted.
As I’m banning myself from any clothing purchases until winter is here I am going to have less new and more of how to do new with old. However as modcloth is a little late in delivery there are plenty of new things that will come but will end shortly. I’ve decided to focus on what I have and to save my butt off so house ownership is more than a dream.
As the outfit is not entirely exciting I want to show you my new amazing modcloth shoes! I love green and I love love love these shoes. Perfect fit and wonderful practical heel (yes I feel old saying practical! But it’s true!)






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