To cake or not to cake!

When I refer to cake I am not talking about food! I am reflecting on a statement I heard referred to yesterday. I wondered if I would be considered as a caker when it comes to how I apply my make up. Age has bought about lines, blotches and imperfections that the world doesn’t need to see. So I cover them with make up. I don’t apply it specifically for sport or gym but I put it on for work, play and generally when my face is on show to the world. I like to think I make it natural but after yesterday I’m not so sure…
Today I’m tweeting along- wishing I was else where. I’m wearing a modcloth dress which I absolutely love and will be dressing up and down.
I’m also banning myself from making any clothing purchases until winter. That’s 3 months away!! Here I am with fingers and toes crossed hoping I can make it! Watch out savings you don’t know what’s coming!!






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