Mixing of culture and style!

I’ve been thinking about the mixing of cultures as I lead up to my own wedding. I am in fact marrying into a world I thought from the outside looking in was similar to the “Australian” culture I didn’t think really existed. I’m marrying my best friend who is Italian.
The main differences I have seen and spoken with a good friend about is how they celebrate. They tend to put on a banquet of good food and invite every cousin, uncle, aunt and Nonna. They eat and have a very civil celebration. When Australians celebrate we invite our closest family and all 50 of our friends and family friends, we celebrate with not just the blood relatives but anyone who cares enough about us to show up and if they bring random friends then by the end of the night thy too are family. We don’t necessarily put on a banquet of food but there is plenty of nibbles, alcohol and music to go around.
Mourning is much the same. Italians take mourning very serious with lots of prays, masses and black. There is lots of quite tears but its all very quite. When my Dad died we had the mass, we cried and we may have even worn black but there was music and a celebration of a great life. We even had the banquet of food and plenty of drinking happen with lots of stories of the person.
Don’t get me wrong I love the Italians and I love their way. I love how much family means and how passionate they are about education, working hard and investing. They bring up children with beautiful hearts,values and loyalty beyond words. I’m so grateful for the person my mother in law helped my soon to be husband to be. Difference is good and I’m going to embrace it but I’m never giving up the good Australian values I have. My mother and sister are my best friends and I can tell them anything- this is something my partner doesn’t necessarily have and hopefully we can forward this value on with our own children when they come.
Today I’m wearing another modcloth purchase. It’s still warm down under!




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