Bright for a Monday morning!

It’s one of those fake it until you make it mornings. But it’s not focused on faking knowing something it’s more about faking being happy about work on a Monday morning. Having had a truly brilliant week end full of friends, music and good food I am back to the grind. I guess it’s the price I pay for the fun I have.
So in order to shine that fake sun I’m in this bright dress I purchased from ASOS a while ago for no more than $30. It matches my decuba necklace and this cute princess highway blazer I bought on Friday night with one of my old friends.
Yesterday I blissfully enjoyed the great outdoors listening to good Aussie music with 3 women I admire the most my mum, sister and friend who could be my sister. That is something that makes me very happy.
Enjoy your Monday- and if you don’t wear a smile on your face as no one likes a grumpy bum!





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