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Having a bird or two on my side should make for a very good and quick day, well here is hoping. Having my fortnightly package of delightful dresses arrive from modcloth has me skipping out the door and wanting to be employ. Because if I’m not getting dressed up to head to work I’m not sure where all these pretty dresses would get worn!
Having received a call back from Australian college of professional stylists I am eagerly making a bee line to my next career path. I plan on using my skills of wanting to make a difference to make people feel good in the skin they are in through style and fashion. To me it makes sense and seems to have won the phone interviewer over as she wants to meet me!
Last night we met the man who will photograph us on our wedding day. He is amazing! I think photos tell a story but his work is more than a story it’s an amazing fairy tale with people I will know and love.
Happy Thursday people! May the birds and a sprinkle of glitter from my shoes be with you x






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