Cow neck craziness

I knew when I was on my blue trip this dress would be a winner. I’m slightly over impressed with its quality. For $50 its fully lined and is so silky. My modcloth addiction is not disappointing!
However it has a cow neck…now unlike most things to wear I never know how this neckline should fall. Do I grab it and let it fall into place? Or do I place it in a fashion I like (but it may move to how it likes anyway?
Today I’m heading over night to the country for work. I would be pumped but I’m needing a new challenge in my work life. I like what I do but I’ve lost my passion. Too many people around me whinging about how stressed and how unhappy they are. Kind of kills the fire I once had. Maybe if I were to go work for less money in a small organisation who still have the people in front of them I’d be ok. I for once have a reason to stay at work until I can’t be there any longer. It’s for the future children we will have when we are married and living happily ever after. It’s nice to have a goal and prize to work towards!
And it’s hump day on the road leading to a long week end! Woohoo!





4 thoughts on “Cow neck craziness

  1. You know so well what flatters you.. outfit after outfit you truly prove that to us. Love the dress and your spectacles contrasting with it!

    And we really hope that you re-gain you passion. Though the goal you are working for is awesome 🙂


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

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