Following passion

I may have had the light bulb moment I needed to have last night. On my way back from watching a very moving and honest documentary (Utopia)on black and white Australia and where we have come or as it happens not come I sat on the train thinking I’m not making a difference in the work I am doing. I can actually remember when the passion and work I did, did in fact have a positive impact on someone’s life. I’m a social worker not making any changes to my field and feeling very useless. Where to start was a question posed to us…the answer did not come. Sometimes issues are beyond me.
So I thought maybe I do need to move on and start making small changes and skulking up in different areas. So I thought where is my other passion in life. I love to write and I love fashion and styling. So I have decided to make some in roads and take a risk and look into a field I have no knowledge in- just a passion. I want to make people feel good about who they are and make small changes to help them be the best they can.
In the meantime I will continue doing as I am doing. Maybe a small piece of sand can make a small change in this community.
Today I’m wearing some new shoes and a necklace bought for under $20 from Sportsgirl, a favourite midi dress (which looks like a skirt and top) and orange passion lipstick. If I wear my passion on my lips I can surely remind myself where I am going!
Watch this space…





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