Can’t manage to leave without my lipstick!

Thanks to Mum’s voice in my head I can’t seem to leave for the day without my lipstick on. I haven’t always worn lipstick and for years I remember Mum saying she couldn’t understand us wearing a face full of make up with no lipstick. Now without it I don’t feel complete. It’s really no different to lip balm except I guess you have to reapply regularly. And you always have to be on the look for the cup stain on your chin (not sure everyone gets this but I know of at least 2 people this little chin circle effects).
Today I’m wearing an old faithful dress which originally was $250 but I got it for a steal ($90). I did purchase it over 5 years ago so you do the maths but its a bargain!
Summer hasn’t disappeared in Melbourne town it’s going to be a warm one which I can cope with as I’m in air conditioning all day! Work does have some perks!





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