My love for dresses and blazers!

There is nothing better than a cooler summer day when I can comfortably get ready and wear my favourite combo-a dress and blazer. I’m loving that its not too cold to wear peep toes but not so hot I’m sweltering and wondering when my ankles will puff.
Today I dived into my very feel wardrobe and found this dress I bought in KL just over a year ago. Only ever worn once to a family BBQ I think it’s time to get it out again. I’m making it go with my mint wedges which I’m truly in love with.
Having attempted to educate myself in small businesses last night unsuccessfully I’ve decided I have more knowledge than I’m aware of. Still got to do this course to succeed but need to get my ideas on paper. It’s funny how you can assume your on the same page as someone but really are a million pages from right. No issues it just makes me think and reflect on how I do business.
So happy it’s nearly the week end. Lots of things to squeeze into this one again!





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