Made for me!

Finally another day that is pleasantly cool so I don’t get my heat panic on. My dear sister pointed out even though it has been reasonably hot I work myself up into a state worrying about the heat, sun and how sweaty I am getting. I wonder if how hot I feel sometimes is psychological?! Must read up on this as maybe I can fix myself.
Today I’m wearing an old ASOS midi dress. I’m sure I paid no more than $35 for it but it was a while ago. I do remember its first day out, we went to brunch at the Grand Hyatt with my in laws. It was a lovely event so every time I pop this beauty on I wonder if it will bring a day of adventures.
I am investing in my future tonight going to a do a course in starting my own business. There are many projects and ideas in this mind of mine…
So why is this post called made for me? My shoes were made for me in Bali by a little boutique called Shirley Lane. Made from leather and fitting like a glove I am over the moon with how lovely they feel. If in Bali definitely get some custom made shoes- you will not regret it!






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