A new take on lace

So this may be the most unusual lace dress I own. It’s fairly new but I’ve not found an event to wear it to. So rather than it gather dust I’m wearing it to work. I do have a celebratory dinner for one of my best friends and sister from another Mr. We are ticking off another restaurant which we have been meaning to try in some time and its Mexican! 2 good reasons to wear my Lacey beauty.
It’s funny I wonder what’s the first thing a person thinks when they look at this dress on me. Me not being a huge fan of fitted dresses my eyes go straight to my problem zones- my hips. I think they look bigger than average. But I know that is my self conscious playing with my head. I just have to walk a little taller to elongate myself. It’s funny how one perceives themselves and how the world really sees you. It’s like there is a you only version and then a version the public see.
I believe it’s all in the way you hold yourself and strut that people see first. If you hunch over and obviously look self conscious then you generally look bigger or like you have something to hide. I remember this girl I went to high school with. She was curvy and she knew how to promote self confidence to the point where people were uplifted by her just being around. That’s how much a good sense of self can really make or break you. Because seriously looking back on photos I thought looked shocking at the time really proves I really never looked that bad. And now with a few years on me and a big of extra baggage I was smoking back then- just wished I had realised it. So love the you your in as you only get one chance and hate is ageing.





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